Refund procedure

In the case of an unsuccessful transfer of funds on the details specified by the payer, the initiator of the transfer should apply: at the postal address 01042, Ukraine, Kyiv, Novopecherskyi Lane, house 5, or by phone contact center: (098) 303-34-34; (066) 303-34-34; (063) 303-34-34, or e-mail -

The appeal may be oral or written:

  • - oral treatment is provided by the payer through telephone telephones through the above telephones of the contact center;
    a written appeal is mailed or handed over by the payer to the address mentioned above, in person or through a person authorized by him, whose powers are issued in accordance with the law.

  • - A written appeal can also be sent using Internet funds - to the address of the electronic mailbox. When sending an online application by means, the applicant must be guided by the requirements of the Law on Electronic Trust Services, which provides for the use of the relevant digital signature (electronic signature), which is imposed with the help of a personal key obtained by the applicant from the proper provider of trust services.

The 'Statement-treatment' sample of the payer can be obtained on the official website of PHOENIX LLC , by downloading the section 'Documents' - 'Refund order.'

Consideration of appeals is carried out in accordance with the Law of Ukraine 'On the appeals of citizens', on the results of a positive review of which the payer is refunded within three bank days to the bank details of the payer, which are defined in the appeal.


The transfer of funds is carried out exclusively in the national currency of Ukraine (hryvnia).

Tariffs (commission) for the transfer of funds depend on the particular Merchant or Provider, whose services are paid in the self-service software and technical complex (PTCS) or on the website: customers can familiarize themselves with the rates for transferring funds immediately before payment by selecting the necessary service of the relevant Merchant/Operator/Receiver on the PTCS monitor or on the website.