The security of online payments as in the Bank, our first priority!

5 levels of security

Confirmation of payment

Online transfers are made with the confirmation of the OTP password from the financial phone number - thus:

- the debit of funds from your card is not possible by third parties;

- you have the opportunity to think again and check the payment data.


All actions on the Bank24 website, encrypted using SSL-encryption. No data you provide on our website will be tampered with, intercepted or distorted by a third party.

You can make sure you have an SSL certificate by clicking on the lock symbol in the browser line. Be careful, always check the presence of a genuine and valid certificate on the site. This will help you recognize a phishing page or clone site.

Protection of personal information by password

Log to the Personal Account to save cards, view the history of payments, set up regular payments is possible only after the introduction of the password.The password change is only made on the phone specified at the time of registration! Changing the phone in the Personal Cabinet is possible only after entering.

Reliable Partners

All partners, whose services you can pay for with the Bank24 website, undergo a multi-stage check (checked for reliability and legal compliance), then conclude a contract with us to accept payments, provide a license (if the service is subject to licensing).

Online Payer Support

If you have questions about payment, you can contact customer service by phone on the homepage of the site.

The's banks are two partner banks, «Tascombank» and «Oschadbank», which provide a reliable and uninterrupted process for online payments, as well as storage of information on cards stored through the Personal Account.